Why do we "need" God?

Allan Harvey (aharvey@boulder.nist.gov)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:47:09 -0600

Moorad asked Steve:
>As an evolutionist do you need God? And, as a Christian, do you need

Neither evolution nor any other scientific theory reduces my need for
God. My need is inherent in my fallen nature and creation in God's
image. It does *not* depend on things in nature having no natural
explanation. To say that evolutionary science removes or diminishes the
need for God is an example of the infamous "God of the Gaps" error, and
is like saying that natural explanations for thunder and lightning
diminish the need for God. The God that I (and we) need is sovereign
over everything, not just things for which we have no natural
explanation. Until we get that straight, our problems in this area will
only multiply.

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