72,000 year old settlement?

Glenn Morton (grmorton@waymark.net)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:59:42 -0500

I hesitate to report this, but want desperately to know if it is true. Every
other day I check the AP wire and apparently yesterday they had a note on it
which started as:

"SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) -- Archaeologists have excavated a 72,000-year-old
settlement in a cave in northern Bulgaria.

Bulgarian archaeologists made the find at the Devetashkata Cave near Pleven,
100 miles northeast of the capital, Sofia, the state BTA news agency reported
Tuesday. " Copyright AP

I get to this page via


and then chose the "Medical and Science Page"

A 72,000 year old settlement with the cultural items which they list would
be an extremely important find. They even say that there were clay figures
(which is why I think they made a factor of 10 error. Trying to obey my
dictim that when something supports what you believe, you should be very
skeptical I am hoping this is true. I worry that the wire has made a mistake
by a factor of 10. Has anyone else seen this reported anywhere else?

At this moment I don't believe this, but it isn't April Fools' day either.

This post probably won't be on the AP past tonight.


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