Scientists who were Christians

Richard Dimery (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:09:33 +0100 (BST)

Dear all,
I've nearly wrapped up my final year undergraduate dissertation on
complementarity of science and Christianity, but need to check a few
Hoping that some of you experts can help me...

1) Was Faraday an _elder_ in the Sandemanian church? Can someone define
Sandemanian to me, especially distinguishing it from the Brethren?

2) I read _somewhere_ (!) a couple of years ago that Newton actually wrote
more theological texts than scientific ones. Is this true or likely? I
could have heard that his library had far more theological than scientific
works on its shelves.

3) Was the term "nothing-buttery" used before ~1949 when MacKay claimed to
have coined it?

4) Is it safe/sound to say that science and Christianity both make "truth
claims" about the way the world is?

Many thanks (and I don't need _long_ answers!)

Richard Dimery,
Cambridge, England.