Re: Epiphenomenalism (was: more, briefly)

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Tue, 14 Apr 1998 20:06:52 -0500

At 09:31 AM 4/14/98 -0400, wrote:
>Dear Glenn
>sorry to "target" you today, but that's life. You wrote:
>> I remember an example given by Penfield of a woman whose brain he was
>> stimulating during surgery. Her arm would move up in response to the
>> stimuli. Penfield told her to try not to let her arm move. She used
>> her
>> other hand to hold the arm down! some have interpreted this as an
>> example
>> of where will acted as a causative agent to override the mechanism of
>> the
>> brain arm circuitry. In otherwords, we couldn't be reduced to a
>> mechanism.
>What? It's simply an example of one type of mechanism/impulse overriding
>another one! Where do you see the soul in action there?

In the same place you see epiphenominalism.


Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: Finding the Soul of Fossil Man


Foundation, Fall and Flood