Re: To George & David - ID, what does it mean?

George Murphy (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:17:35 -0400

E G M wrote:

> George, in a recent special issue of CELL the flagellum was
> categorized as, among the molecular machines, the one that most
> resembles a machine designed by humans. Behe saw design, other see
> the same. An explanation for the design exists (i.e., an electric
> motor), what does not exist is an explanation for the "construction"
> of this molecular motor. So I think that your analogy to math may
> need some revision.
Maybe. But as I was thinking of it, the steps in the proof are
analogous to the mechanism. Perhaps that shows the looseness of the
analogy because there are sometimes quite different ways of proving the
same theorem.
George L. Murphy