What does D mean?

Howard J. Van Till (110661.1365@compuserve.com)
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:06:28 -0400

Moorad Alexanian writes:

"Perhaps I am being too simple minded, but I thought IDer was epitomized by
someone finding a watch and concluding that there is a watchmaker. It is
the notion of a Creator which is usually implied when using the term IDer."

Moorad, your response is a vivid llustration of the reason for my question.

Notice how quickly you extrapolated from 'inelligent _designer_' to the
idea of a '_maker_.' This is the point I have been trying to establish.
What its proponents are calling a theory of 'intelligent _design_' is
mostly a theory about how somethiing is _made_ or assembled or fabricated
or manufactured.

ID, as now promoted, is mostly a theory about 'extranatural assembly,' not
about thoughtful conceptualization, or intention, or purpose or even
design. Odd, isn't it?

Furthermore, if ID were fundamentally a "notion of a Creator," as you have
assumed, isn't it odd that Behe's book _Darwin's Black Box_, hailed by
Christianity Today magazine as the Christian "book of the year" is so
studiously careful to avoid making that inference to a Creator explicit?

Howard Van Till