Re: more, briefly (Evidence for consciousness)

Adrian Teo (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 07:43:40 -0700

Massimo Pigliucci wrote:
> Adrian Teo wrote:
> > I am certainly not clear on why consciousness is an epiphenomenon of
> > neuronal connections in the brain. My study of the workings of the
> > human
> > brain tells me nothing about why I should expect consciousness to
> > emerge. Can you point to some specific piece of evidence in support of
> >
> > this claim?
> Yes, any study on the effects of hormones on human behavior, for
> example.

Equating behavior with consciousness is by no means an accepted

> Or any study connecting the stimulation of specific parts of
> the brain to specific sensations, *feelings*, and images. That is, most
> of modern neurophysiology.

A collection of sensations is not most people's idea of consciousness.
In addition, the emotions and images triggered vary from individual to
individual. As far as I know, there is no one-to-one correspondance
between specific stimulation and specific emotions or images. How then,
can you infer causality, when you still haven't explain why people react
differently to the same stimulations?

> On the other hand, can you point out to me any study that provides
> evidence of the super-material basis of human consciousness??

What qualifies as evidence for the super-material? As far as I know,
there are none with regard to consciousness. My position is that we
simply don't have sufficient evidence to draw your conclusion.