What does ID mean?

Howard J. Van Till (110661.1365@compuserve.com)
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:55:34 -0400

I'm still waiting for a candid and public answer to my question, Precisely
what does it mean to be 'intellinently designed'? Does it require an act of
"mind," or "hand," or both? That is, is it an act of conceptualization or
an act of assembly/form-imposing?

Jim Bell says,

"Obviously, design is a consociation of intelligence and purpose."

That sounds to me like the act of a _mind_.

In another communication, however, I was told by an ID proponent that
"intelligent design is a mode of causation" which sounds more like an act
of some type of _hand_.

As I've said many times before, until ID is candidly and publicly defined
by its proponents, there is no use talking about it. You cannot fruitfully
argue about the presence or absence of something that has not been clearly
defined in a way that is uniformly understood by all discussants.

Howard Van Till