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In a course I took on Edwards I remember the discussion on Creation
Continua. Without getting deep in Edwardsian's waters it just means
that whatever exists "outside" of God's being (creation), exists
because of God's continuous desire that it be so. Another way to look
at it is: if God ceases to exist (something imposible for a
self-existence eternal being) all of creation would vanish with Him
into absolutely nothingness (which o course doesn't exist).

Contrary with what others said in the list, I don't see a problem with
Creation Continua and Mediated Creation even though I accept the
former and am still traying to understand the latter.


Bill Hamilton wrote:

Garry DeWeese wrote

> One reason why the doctrine of providence was separated from the
> of creation in Reformed contexts (thus perhaps inadvertently
reversing the
> natural order in which we come to recognize them) was to avoid any
hint of
> _creatio continua_, which is suggested by some medieval theologians,
> notoriously finds a central place in the theology of Jonathan Edwards.

Garry: Could you point me to a reference on the place of _creatio
continua_ in Jonathan Edwards' theology? Thanks

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