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>I'm surprised that Turk states at the end of the article that "traces of teeth
>on the bone have not been discovered." Yet Nowell and Philip Chase say "The
>bone was heavily chewed by one or more carnivores Perhaps the meat was
>stripped from the bone by carnivores, after which the Neandertals formed the

Carnivore teeth make u-shaped scratches on bone. But so do unshaped rocks
with naturally (not man-fashioned) sharp edges.

One thing I have learned in anthro is that for any proposition A their are A
adherants and not-A adhereants. Personally, I am a little suspicious of the
anti-Neanderthal bias which I see. From 120,000- 35,000 years ago,
Neanderthal and early anatomically modern men were doing exactly the same
things with exactly the same technologies, yet somehow modern man is viewed
as being nobler than Neanderthal, in general. Even lots of anthropologists
have commented on the fact that the same evidence if done by modern man is
accepted but if done by neanderthal is questions. (I will spare everyone the
quotations but I can back this up)


Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: Finding the Soul of Fossil Man


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