RDehaan237 (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 07:58:34 EDT


Sorry for the delay in this reply.

I have no question whatsoever about your theological roots and loyalty to the
historic Christian faith expressed in Reformed doctrines. I feel right at
home with you. Moreover I think you have done exactly what you said should be
done with regard to the doctrine of Creation--"It is my belief that each
generation of Christians must work with diligence to rearticulate the historic
Christian faith in its own historical/cultural context and in its own
conceptual vocabulary."

I only wish that you would do the same with the doctrine of providence. IMHO
you have neglected that doctrine, and what you have written re the doctrine of
Creation does not fill the gap. I suspect that providence conflicts with your
view of creation. If you do not think the doctrine of providence is important
enough to expand I think you should give reasons why since it has such
prominence in Reformed doctrines.

I'll let it lie there.

Best to you,