Re: Coal and theYEC position

Bill Payne (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 21:53:14 -0600

06 Apr 1998 12:18:10 -0400, Bill Hamilton wrote:

> I've been following this exchange with considerable interest. From a
> layman's point of view the question of how coal beds are largely devoid of
> sand and shale as well as tree stumps seems to give both the YEC and the
> conventional geologist puzzles to think about. But Bill's apparent
> disapproval of using indirect evidence concerns me.

I am sorry to be unable at the moment to spend the time it will take for
me to respond to Bill Hamilton's and Glenn Morton's posts on coal. This
is of fundamental importance to our collective view of origins, and I
want to put some thought into this one. I should have a post ready to
put up by Sunday night.

Thank you for your interest,