Re: Paper-tigers

Keith B Miller (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:09:31 -0600

Will Provine wrote:

>I agree completely and we are on the same track. I may think that what we
>call god
>is actually a big hunk of moldy green cheese. This god is totally
>invisible like
>yours. Can you disprove my contention? The problem with your approach is
>that one
>can insert any god, force, or food at all. My reaction to this line of
>argumentation is to suspect, as a null hypothesis, no gods at all exist. I am
>prepared to be proved wrong, and will shout mea culpas to all if that happens.

As I have said before, the existence or non-existence of God is unprovable
by science. (One's worldview can be disproven if it is based on claims
that fall within the methodological limitations of science, and scientific
research falsifies those claims.) However, one's worldview must make sense
of the world, be consistent with experience, and provide a basis for life
decisions and moral choices. I don't see how "a big hunk of moldy green
cheese" fulfills those requirements. I also don't see how a godless
universe meets those human needs. The Christian faith provides profound
direction and guidance for my life, and places my experience in a
meaningful context. As others on this list have already communicated in
various ways, religious faith is confirmed in us in a way totally outside
of scientific verification. We have encountered God's presence in various
ways, and have been convinced of the gospel message.


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