Re: Coal and theYEC position

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 12:18:10 -0400

At 11:15 PM 4/3/98 -0600, Bill Payne wrote:

>I'll admit that I can't explain your fossil fish series within a YEC
>framework (yet); how about you admitting that you can't explain the
>features of coal seams rather than relying on indirect evidence like
>"There wasn't enough preflood biomass" or "The coals are too clean to
>have been deposited in a global flood?"

I've been following this exchange with considerable interest. From a
layman's point of view the question of how coal beds are largely devoid of
sand and shale as well as tree stumps seems to give both the YEC and the
conventional geologist puzzles to think about. But Bill's apparent
disapproval of using indirect evidence concerns me. When you don't have
direct evidence, indirect evidence (and how wisely you use it of course)
can make all the difference. A good many scientific and engineering
disciplines besides geology and paleontology must rely to some extent on
indirect evidence.
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