The Vision

Dick Fischer (
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 15:44:43 -0500

To the group:

I have been having a discussion with a young Christian who has been
writing a book with similar conclusions as mine. He followed Jimmy
Swaggert until the sex scandal broke, and it was a major test in
the young man's faith. His words follow:

>I was crushed. God didn't keep him. I got up early to see what he
>would say on his program. He said nothing. I couldn't take it anymore.
>I laid down in bed and prayed. The last prayer before falling asleep
>was in effect-- how can I trust you, everyone fails, even Swaggert.

>I had a dream:

>In the dream, I saw an army of Christians, in a straight line as
>far as I could see, to the left and right of me. We faced a narrow
>strip of land--a battle ground. God owned the land we were standing
>on, and the land beyond the battle ground.

>Satan owned the battle ground. We all watched to the left. The line
>shortened as God walked behind each person and touched them on the back.
>We each were runners. It seemed as though God sent each runner to see
>how far he could run through the battle ground. We all watched.

>Each runner would run for all he was worth. But Satan was there waiting
>for him, invisible, and carrying a large sword. While he ran, Satan would
>wait for him and cut off his legs. I watched this as the end of the line
>came closer to me.

>A few refused to run, and just stood there. Cutting the legs off caused
>no pain, they would keep crawling towards the other side, sometimes
>looking back to watch and encourage the other runners.

>It finally became my turn, but before he sent me, I questioned him
>--why should I run, all but one failed, you let them fail, we're at
>Satan's mercy. He answered me in this way:

>"You all misunderstand. I send runners, not to win or succeed-- they
>run because I ask them to obey. My words to each runner is "obey me
>and run-- run to obey me, not to win."

>My conclusion: The battle field is life, we run through it, not to
>win for the Lord, but to obey in the Lord.

I can't argue with that!

Dick Fischer