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Howard J. Van Till (
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 10:20:38 -0500

EGM asked:

Is there anything that escapes control by God?

My response:

I presume that nothing in the Creation is beyond God's _reach_ (authority
and ability to control) but that God has freely chosen to refrain from a
micromanagement type of control in order that the Creation have authentic
being (including the freedom and responsibility of creatures to act

Thus, where I have failed to use my creaturely gifts responsibly, or have
acted in disobedience, it is I, not God, who is responsible. God does not
so _control_ my behavior as to relieve me of accountability.

As I reflect on several reactions to my earlier posts, I am struck by the
degree of concern to reserve a place of overpowering control for God. Is
there something in our culture or in our concept of Christianity that leads
us to place such a high value on power and control?

Why not place a higher value on such attributes as creativity (as in the
thoughtful conceptualization of the Creation and its robust formational
economy) and generosity (as in the giving of such fullness of being to the

Howard Van Till