Re: Does God make design tradeoffs?

Dennis Feucht (
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 14:57:55 -0500


You wrote:

>> "But believing in nature's Creator takes faith because he does not
> >(usually, at least) wear his slide-rule on his belt."
> Well, actually, when I was in college, engineers often wore
> slide-rules on their belts. I believe if you were to check now you
> would find they wore engineering calculators. I doubt very much that
> God is still using a slide-rule...

Thanks for the reply! Actually, it was a bit of a stretch for me to expect
that the "slide rule on belt" expression would bring to mind "God does not
wear his heart on his sleeve." What I meant was that God usually does not
go out of his way to signal to us his activity as his; we interpret it as
his by faith. Even when prophets show up to interpret an event, we assess
the veracity of their message.

I had a K&E slide rule, but it was too bulky to be worn on my belt. So I
carried a miniature $2 plastic slip-stick around and used it most of the
time instead. Sometimes high-performance is edged out by user convenience
or reliability, etc. - perhaps like the wiring of the retina. Subtle
criteria often dominate design decisions.

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