Re: Does God Make Design Tradeoffs

Janet Rice (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:40:10 -0600

Bill Hamilton wrote:

>God can if He chooses set aside constraints,
>but that action would be a class of miracle. I say a class of miracle
>because we also label as miracles occurrences in which no physical law is
>violated, but the timing and location of an occurrence are highly

That brings up a question that I have dealing with what, for lack of a
better phrase, I'd call "miracles of the human heart" - the times when
human beings act uncharacteristically kind or brave. The headline in the
Austin paper today had to do with two men, driving by a house and seeing
smoke, stop, run in and rescue the resident. Why on earth would someone do
that - risk themselves to help a stranger? Why not just call the fire
department? And yet it does happen - and with some level of frequency - and
not just to help someone else in a family - but for total strangers. I
realize this is an odd definition of miracle - and I'm not knowledgeable
enough to defend it on a scriptural basis - but it never ceases to amaze me
when people risk their own lives to help. As a Christian I have to see
this as an example of how God works through us and to me that is a sort of

Janet Rice