Re: Does God make design tradeoffs?

Jonathan Hartley (
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 13:35:44 -0800

Bill Hamilton wrote:
> Had you asked me a while ago whether God makes design tradeoffs, I would have said
> emphatically, "No>" After all, God is omnipotent and omniscient. However, in a post
> earlier this week in which I was meditating on some evolutionist claims about bad
> design in nature, I wrote.....

Isn't it difficult to argue this issue in the context of a fallen and imperfect
creation, which basically exists in accordance with the foreknowledge of God,
and thus is in His will? I mean, when I read Genesis and Revelation, I gather
that we are talking about the alteration of the entire universe from a perfect
one without death, decay, evil, darkness, imperfection, to one that is fraught
with temporary systems at the mercy of physical laws and effects, and finally back
to a perfect state which seems totally outside the realm of present laws.
And, when I read Revelation, I read of a new heaven and a new earth that is
constructed anew, apparently from the most "primordial" alteration of natural
laws now in effect. Thus, I tend to reject any appeals to reason from naturalists
who tell me that God must be a lousy engineer and that they could design a much
better organism themselves.

The point is, what we have now is NOT the real thing. It's MEANT to be
temporary. And thus, faith comes into play.