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Wed, 01 Apr 1998 07:51:11 -0500

>>counted back 110,000 years, with no interruptions of a cataclysmic
>>nature. How can this information be reconciled with the account in
>>Genesis of a global flood?
>It can't. Make your choice now. Believe the Bible or believe Scientific

It rather bothers me when *any* Christian says that they KNOW that this or
that can't be reconciled, or that they KNOW creation HAD to happen THIS way
or THAT way. Whether creation, the flood, or "design", things could have
happened by any number of ways that ARE all compatible with the Bible,
whether our feeble human minds can believe in it or not. It's not up to us
to decide WE KNOW the answer. Don't fool yourself! "Lean not on your own

That is, our salvation is not dependent on our theology other than the fact
that we believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are all probably
wrong on one thing or another so why be prideful & adamant you are right?
Will you stand before God & say, "Look God I have it all worked out how you
managed Creation, the Flood, etc, so let me tell you how you did it!" I
think not.

Then let us each approach one another with humility with our human beliefs.

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