Re: The Flood/ID

Daniel Criswell (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 19:14:28 -0500

>Probably the most viable explanation is that the flood was local. The
>Hebrew word eretz, which is translated "earth" in Genesis can as well
>"land". Dick Fischer and Glenn Morton, both regulars on this list,
>both formulated explanations of the flood which they have published in
>form. And they of course are not the only Christians who have written
>this issue.

This is the straw man argument. "Erets" in Hebrew can and does also
refer to the earth at large as well as a local area. So you gain nothing
by that. And besides when taken in context with the rest of the Bible
the only conclusion can be a Global flood. And beyond that the early
church knew of nothing but a global flood.


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