Re: Does RFE imply deism?

Janet Rice (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:37:53 -0600

Bill Hamilton wrote:

>Now I believe the methods of
>science are very inadequate for the study of God -- just as they would be
>very inadequate for characterizing, say, my relationship with my wife. You
>could do something but it would miss the real meaning of the relationship.

Bill makes a very good point with this - perhaps in considering God's
relationship with creation, it might make more sense to see that
relationship as a personal one (and I think this is supported in
scripture), rather than comparable to an engineer and a design project.
That doesn't imply a lack of emotional involvement in the second type of
relationship, but definetly implies a different type of relationship - and
one, which as Bill points out, is less amenable to scientific study. Thank
you, Bill, I had not considered the question in this light before.

Janet Rice