E G M (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 15:49:57 -0800 (PST)

I don't believe that the personal belief of Dr. PEJ is that MN=PN.
However, I do believe that Dr. PEJ believes that for most non-theistic
scientists MN is indeed = PN for all *practical* reasons. IOW, the
faith in MN has elevated it from a *method* to a philosophy/religion.

Prof. Van Till gave us a very detailed explanation of his
christian-evolutionist version of MN, which he cannot prove and I
cannot disprove. Notice that Dr. Van Till can not disprove that God
acted in the history of creation in a way that produced "gaps", and I
cannot prove it either. We are sort of in the same boat, theorizing.

I side with Dr. PEJ this time. I don't believe I am an
anti-evolutionists. If evolution (purely natural events gave rise to
humans all the way from the big-bang (to give it some definition and
to answer Allan) is indeed true, I don't see *my* Christianity
fumbling. But today, 1998 Anno Domini, the evidence for *Darwinism*
is utterly lacking and supremely inconsistent, and what I hear Dr. PEJ
saying is that most people seem not to come to grips with this becuase
in their minds MN=PN, thus darwinism have to be true - a so it is
......... for them, not for me.


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