We know...

John W Burgeson (johnwilliamburgeson@juno.com)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 14:27:11 -0700

Phillip Johnson wrote:

"By MN we know that natural selection has immense creative power,
to make cells and complex organs, even though no one has ever seen this
power demonstrated. By MN we know that there was a universe of ancestors
and transitional forms in the preCambrian rocks, although they have
mysteriously vanished. By MN Biblical scholars have discovered that the
Pentateuch was stitched together from various sources (J, E, P, etc) and
that the "historical Jesus" worked no miracles and was deified by his
followers. Finally, by MN we know that Scriptural passages praising God
give evidence only of the religious consciousness of whoever wrote them."

Four times you write "By MN we know... ."

I understand you, personally, don't agree with any of the four
statements. But you write as if some others (besides the usual suspects)
agree with them.

As one who supports MN strongly as part of science, I certainly don't
agree with any of the four. Neither, I think, does Terry Gray, Loren
Haarsma, George Murphy, or many/most/all of the other Christians who post

As a SCIENTIST, Phil, I employ MN as foundational. That means, as a
SCIENTIST, I may well come to any of the four conclusions you write. But
I am not a scientist, as much as I am a person, a person who understands
well what science is, and does, and the necessary limitations thereof.

I do not follow Auguste Comte, for instance.


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