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Dear Jason,

Although I am not an expert in this topic, I believe that Noah's flood is
a PHYSICALLY local flood and ANTHROPOLOGICALLY universal flood. Some of
the arguments of a local flood are: (1) not enough water available to
cover the entire globe, (2) Biogeography of various land animals in
different continents, (3) no evidence of the universal flood. The Bible
uses universal language to talk about human understanding since Moses and
other bible authors did not know about the extent of the earth at his
time. What God intended for the flood to do was to wipe all MANKIND
because of their sins and start the human race again through Noah and his
descendents. Local flood which wiped out the people at that time would
fulfill this purpose. I have tried to elaborate this point in my book,
"Evolution: Nature and Scripture in Conflict?"(Zondervan, 1982) which
unfortunately has been out of print. You may be able to find a copy at
Ontario Bible Seminary in Toronto. If your folks can read Chinese, the
Chinese edition is available.

I hope others on this listserve who are more competent and concerned about
this issue can also respond to you. I know that the Journal of ASA has
published several articles on the difficulties encountered by a theory of
global flood. Maybe the ASA headquarter or the editor of JASA (Dr. Jack
Haas) can help you.

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> Dear Listserve,
> Here is another opportunity for you to help. The question is rather general
> and there is no one answer but he would be glad for any informtaion. The
> address is below.
> Don Munro
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> >Subject: Student needing information
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> >To the American Scientific Affiliation,
> > Hello, my name is Jason Tong. I am a grade 11 student doing a project
> >on the Noah's Ark (Global Flood). I was wondering if you can provide some
> general
> >information (basically the Creationists' view and argument on this topic)
> for my
> >ISU (Individual Study Unit). I would greatly appreciate your help. Please
> email me
> >back as soon as possible if you can. Thank you very much.
> > Yours Truly,
> > Jason Tong
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