Re: Methodological naturalism

Dick Fischer (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:24:39 -0600

Dear Will,

Greetings in Christian love, you wrote:

>So what should one choose if evolution (not just evolution by descent, but the
>mechanisms of evolution given today) is true? Atheism for me. For you too,
>If you cannot even see in evolution a hint of the designer that made you, most
>probably your faith is ethereal. Does it make your faith stronger the more
it is
>pushed away into the background? By backing so far off what the Bible says
>humans and miracles, seems to me you are thowing out the God with the

Someone on this forum said it better than I can say it:

"I believe that God intelligently designed the universe so that it obeys a
fairly simple set of physical laws and boundary conditions that we partially
understand, and it is a good working hypothesis that biological evolution by
natural selection is a consequence of this lawful way God has created the

That's what Phil should capitulate to, and maybe he would if he ever bothered
to study the matter. Unfortunately, he has a following of gullible Christians.
He staked out his turf and is stuck with it. I'm afraid only in the hereafter
will he ever discover how badly he was mistaken. You too, Will.

If the question is simply how do we know there is a God, there are at least
three other independent sources by which we should be able to confirm God's
existence easily without casting a glance at nature. God's indelible stamp can
also be found (1) in history; (2) in fulfilled prophecy; and (3) in personal

The Bible has proven to be an invaluable source to archaeologists searching
for ancient cities. Some of the contemporary literature in early Bible times
reinforces the inspired text.

The prophet Isaiah laid a prophecy on the wicked city of Tyre that was carried
out by Alexander the Great to the letter, hundreds of years later. Jesus
of the destruction of Jerusalem, "... the days will come, in the which there
shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down"
(Luke 21:5,6). In 70 AD it all came true.

Men have gone to prison, swung from gallows, stood before firing squads, and
have been electrocuted in electric chairs solely on the basis of personal
testimony. Our legal system holds sworn testimony in such regard that
permanent incarceration and very permanent physical death can result. In
some cases, only
one eye witness was sufficient.

Millions upon millions of believers could testify to a living God who has
acted personally in their lives. An unending procession of witnesses could
come forth
and offer testimony. There is abundant proof of God operating in life in
and in our own lives specifically, to quash all objections. We may not be able
to prove "scientifically" that this is the God who created heaven and earth,
the Bible declares that He did. And there is no better explanation.

Dick Fischer