Re: Methodological naturalism

George Murphy (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 18:44:23 -0500

Phillip E. Johnson wrote:

> This has it backwards. God is free to create or supervise by any means He
> chooses, without objection from me. It is MN that seeks to confine God by
> man-made rules. Naturalistic science dislikes the idea that God might act
> in some detectable manner, as by employing intelligent causes in biological
> creation, and so God is told firmly that he may not do this sort of thing,
> and certainly may not leave the evidence lying around for scientists to
> observe. As one of my favorite theologians once observed, "This God is far
> weaker than the philosophers who created him."
You & your favorite theologian might reflect on I Corinthians
1:22-25. The idea that God should exercise his power in accord with our
ideas of strength is a prime example of what Luther called "theology of
glory" - i.e., bad theology.

George L. Murphy