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Dear Adrian Teo,
i read your recent post in the ASA archives on Gary Parker and would like to
give some more information (since I don't have acess to the listing, I am
sending it directly to you).
Dr. parker does NOT posess a Ph.D. He received his Ed.D. in Biology from Ball
State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1973. Checking the web site for Ball
State shows that the Ed.D is in science education with a specialty in biology.
It qualifies one to teach biology at the community college level or biology
methods at the university level. His minor (15 credit units) was in geology.
As furhter example of stretching credentials, Dr. Parker's dissertation title
was "The relationship of programmed instruction to test and discussion
performance among college biology students". Not exactly a biology
disertation, but probably a nice science education dissertation.
It is a bit misleading to say he received a doctorate in biology/geology. Dr.
Parker has called himself a geologist and paleontologist, but 15 credit units
of course work does not make one a geologist or paleontologist (my Ph.D. minor
was mathematics, but I would never call myself a mathematician).
Feel free to post this to the listing.
Wayne Belcher

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