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Adrian Teo (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:40:20 -0800

John W Burgeson wrote:
> Steven wrote:
> " Parker claims to have a PhD in
> biology but I think it's in education (ie not a degree that involved
> doing
> biological research).""
> My copy of Parker's book, CREATION, THE FACTS OF LIFE,
> lists him as
> Gary E. Parker, M.S., Ed. D.
> There is no claim in the book of a Ph-D. The last (thoird) printing was
> 1984;
> maybe he has been to school since then.

I wrote to AIG and got this reply from them:
Thank you for your e-mail. Please take a look at!present.htm for a list of
credentials of the people you are interested in.
Dr. Parker
Dr. Wieland
Dr. Sarfati
Dr. Batten
Dr. Snelling
Dr. DeYoung
Dr. Humphreys
These are the people who write most of the materials for us.
Ken Ham and Russell Grigg would be the other major contributer. Russell
on this list as well. You can get Ken's bio at
I hope this helps.
Here's what the web site says about Parker:
"En route to his B.A. in Biology/Chemistry, M.S. in Biology/Physiology,
and Ed.D. in Biology/Geology, Dr. Parker earned several academic awards,
including admission to Phi Beta Kappa (the national scholastic
honorary), election to the American Society of Zoologists (for his
research on tadpoles), and a fifteen-month fellowship award from the
National Science Foundation."

Among the listed names, all appear to be recognized research scientists
except DeYoung, Grigg, and Wieland. DeYoung has a PhD in astrophysics,
but the page does not list any nonYEC publications. Wieland is an MD,
who has not practiced since 1986. Grigg has a MSc.

Looks like they do have some qualified people writing for them.