Re: Answer to Eugenie Scott's views

John W Burgeson (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 15:40:24 -0700

Will wrote:

"The parting of Cayuga Lake, 80 feet deep in the area in question, would
indeed convince me that some supernatural force was operating, not some
natural one alone."

I appreciate your reinforcement of your claim.
I still doubt it. Really. WHY would yhis particular phenomenon
convince you? Of WHAT would it convince you? (I presume it
would only convince you that there really was a supernatural, and
would not convince you of the Christian God.).

BTW -- not to jump in on your other threads, but I agree with you
on the free will issue. If one is an atheist, I see no way to
hold a position that free will is valid. For a Christian, of course,
the reverse is true. As to "working together" to help solve the
world's ills -- I think that can be and ought to be done. We share
much more common ground than some people might think!

Best... Your Christian friend who has free will and is freely writing


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