Re: Miracles?

John W Burgeson (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 15:32:03 -0700

Bill Payne wrote:

"I appreciate the skepticism that many who read this will have. It is my
considered opinion, though, that miracles are just as much a part of
life today as they ever have been, and many miracles are completely
disconnected from any naturalistic explanation. Both God and Satan have
the power to alter the normal cause-and-effect continuum of events that
we, especially Westerners, take for granted."

OK, Bill, it is "your opinion." But is there ANY grounds for it? Let us
for sake of argument, that dowsing IS real and IS a supernatural event.

On what grounds would you argue the event is caused by evil spirits?
On what grounds would you argue the even is caused by good spirits?

I can think of no particular argument for either one. To put it bluntly,
if I was Satan, what would be my point of causation? If I was Gabriel,
why would I do such a thing?


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