Re: Coconino - Evidence for a flood?

George Murphy (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 12:26:01 -0500

John Neal wrote:
> Well, you've got your perception of what is revelation screwed up.
> Revelation isn't just something that happened to ancient Israel, it's the
> very transaction of God's interactive and immediately present communion with
> man. It is happening all the time. How in the world do you think one comes
> to know God or to grow into him?

What you're calling "revelation" seems similar to what in the
Lutheran tradition is called _Schwaermerei_ or "enthusiasm", NOT in a
complementary sense. It is the idea that we can expect some immediate
inspiration of God which takes precedence over God's encounter with us
in Word & sacraments. It's that kind of thing which made Luther say of
Muentzer that he would trust him "if he had swallowed the Holy Ghost,
feathers and all."

George L. Murphy