Re: Miracles?

Dick Fischer (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 15:54:34 -0600

Burgy wrote:

>When taking a church youth group on a "historical tour" of the town, we
>visited a cemetery where the caretaker explained that he was able to
>locate unmarked graves by the dowsing method. Nice old guy.
>Several of us, at his direction, tried the procedure. Some "felt it,"
>some did not.
>I, personally, did experience a "definite pull" at one point; it was
>quite unexpected. I could not replicate it. Nor do I know if there was
>anything there at the point where the "pull" happened.

I'll give you my one experience. One of my friends was visiting me when
I owned an old house on the Chesapeake Bay. How we got on the subject
I don't know, but he mentioned he could "witch for water." His grandfather
could do it and Mike was a scoffer (Mike teaches science at a high school
and he didn't believe in witching. Although many of his family members
tried with no success, to his chagrin, Mike found he could do it even
though he didn't want to do it.

We spent a few hours testing. I had a peach tree growing nearby (peach
tree limbs required - don't know why). We cut a few limbs and experimented.
We blindfolded him, had him walk over an old well, and the limb pointed
down every time he crossed water. It didn't work for me, but when I
held one end, and we walked over the well together with him blindfolded
I could feel the limb twist. I don't understand it. It wasn't a valid
scientific experiment by any means, but it worked.

Dick Fischer