Re: Coconino - Evidence for a flood?

George Murphy (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 13:13:52 -0500

John Neal wrote:
> No, he was warning about the exact thing he was warning about, i.e.,
> 'science' or knowledge, falsely so called. In other words, the 'knowledge'
> was not true knowledge at all. Knowledge is only obtained through God's
> revealing truth and then one's own experience giving context to this
> particular truth, which then is properly called knowledge. So, today's
> 'science' is indeed falsely so called because it is not at all based upon
> the revelation of God, but rather the sight of man.

& thus the statement that if you double the voltage across a
metallic conductor you'll double the current through it is "knowledge
falsely so called? We wouldn't be using the internet if we'd waited for
the revelation of God for the necessary science & technology. It might
sound great to get all understanding from divine revelation, but God has
chosen to gift us the gifts of senses & brains & expects us to use them.
Of course we can also misuse them, as we can any other created thing.
Gordon Brown's statement about _gnoseos_ in I Tim.6:20 is
correct. KJV's use of "science" is now misleading, & even the
conservative NKJV has "knowledge" here.
George Murphy
George L. Murphy