Re: Miracles?

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:00:55 -0700

Bill Payne wrote:

"There's at least one other member of this listserve who said he has also
"felt the force", but still believes there must be a natural explanation
although he doesn't know what the explanation would be."

I'm that member.

When taking a church youth group on a "historical tour" of the town, we
visited a cemetery where the caretaker explained that he was able to
locate unmarked graves by the dowsing method. Nice old guy.

Several of us, at his direction, tried the procedure. Some "felt it,"
some did not.

I, personally, did experience a "definite pull" at one point; it was
quite unexpected. I could not replicate it. Nor do I know if there was
anything there at the point where the "pull" happened.

The natural explanation that I was either mistaken or had a momentary
lapse of judgement (I have many of these < G >) appears to me to be much
more likely than an explanation hat there was some unknown natural
phenomenon involved. As for a supernatural phenomenon, I can see no
reason to suspect that possibility.

The event happened 5 or 10 years ago and was not a subject of discussion
beyond the day's events. It was simply not "eventful" enough. I've had
better illusions driving too long at night!


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