Re: Coconino - Evidence for a flood?

Steven Schimmrich (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:27:37 -0500

At 11:51 PM 3/18/98 -0500, John Neal wrote:
>Well, for one, your reading of this post is indicative of the so-called
>"science" that is taught and promulgated, i.e., an incorrect reading. It's
>like the wide receiver who turns to run up-field before he catches the
>ball - he's already got a pre-conceived notion as to what he wants to do,
>and it is so strong that he lets his actions reflect his thoughts before his
>thoughts are verified by the actual circumstances. It's just the exact same
>with what people usually refer to as "science." Which, by the way, is
>falsely so called. And as far as evidence, well, just look at how
>influential Bertrand Russel, Isaac Asimov, Thomas Huxley, Carl Sagan,
>Charles Darwin, etc... have been. Do you see an anti-God predisposition in
>their teachings? Definitely, yes you do. So, if the leaders of the misty
>paradigm of "science" are given over to this anti-God and certainly
>anti-Christ foolishness, what more proof do you need of their disciples'

Yes, some scientists have been atheists - big deal! Some have been
Muslims, Buddhists, and pagans as well. And, believe it or not, some are

One can usually rather easily separate out the
nonscientific/philosophical pronouncements of the people listed from the
scientific ideas. When Carl Sagan talked about the atmosphere of Venus, he
wasn't spreading anti-God teachings. When he said "The Cosmos is all there
is, was and ever will be" he was making a non-scientific philosophical
statement. WE ALL RECOGNIZE THIS FACT HERE! No one is supported the
philosophy of people like Sagan, or Asimov, or Russell. To throw out all
of science because some of it's practitioners are atheists is plain silly.

As I've said before, I see real bad science pushed by YECs because of
their preconceived notions about how Scripture must be interpreted far, far
more than I see bad science pushed by people who are atheists. The science
that Carl Sagan supported doesn't fall apart like a cheap house of cards
when critically examined as does the science supported by YECs.

- Steve.

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