Re: More on the Image of God

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 23:41:35 -0600

Janet Rice wrote:

>All of this seems to imply that women cannot have a relationship with God
>except through our husbands or other men in authority over us.

When I was an Air Force navigator holding the rank of Major, I experienced
chain of command all the time. Often during training missions the pilot
would be a captain and was the designated aircraft commander. The chain
of command during a flight was wing commander > deputy chief for operations
> aircraft commander > crew. (The squadron commander was usually out of the

On the ground, if the pilot passed me on the street, he initiated the
salute as I was senior in rank. I never begrudged being subservient for the
purpose of the mission to someone I outranked. The safety of the aircraft
and crew was more important, and whoever was sitting at the controls was
in charge.

The Apostle Paul has outlined the "chain of command" for the Christian
family. It appears to go God > Christ > man > wife & children. It does
not address single women as far as I can see. Nor does it impinge on
any believer's right (man or woman, married or not) to pray directly
and receive guidance, comfort, and forgiveness directly.

>I have not seen it postulated that women could only relate to God
>through men.

I hope you never do.

Dick Fischer