Re: Miracles?

Richard Dimery (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 16:27:15 +0000 (GMT)

A few years ago I was peer-pressured into trying dowsing with a
clotheshanger when visiting a friend in France. It certainly seemed to
produce some effect, and eventually seemed to be drawing out lines of
water pipes. I didn't like doing it at all, gave me a weird feeling. I'm
halfway between saying it's supernaturally bad or caused by unknown
fields. Depending on whether I'm feeling scientific or not.
By the way, I know of some North Sea fossil fuel companies which employ
dowsers to track out water/gas pipes so they know where not to dig in
laying foundations of constructions.


> > One miracle that can be investigated and has never been explained to my
> > satisfaction is dowsing. It's my opinion that dowsing is a miracle of
> > the world of darkness, but a supernatural effect nonetheless.
> IF dowsing works (about which I have strong doubts), one might
> consider the possibility that it has to do with detection of very low
> level magnetic fields. We know that birds, e.g., are able to "navigate"
> with the aids of the earth's field.
> George L. Murphy