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so Christ is the source of the man and not the woman?
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>I have only just returned to the list after months off, so forgive me if
>this has already been pointed out on this thread...
>>John Neal wrote:
>>Now, here's the information: Paul says in 1Cor 11:6-9 - "For if the
>>be not covered, let her be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be
>>or shaven, let her (and, not him) be covered. For a man (a man, and not a
>>woman) indeed ought not to cover his (his, and not her) head, forasmuch as
>>(he and not she) is the image and glory of God ...
>>Dick Fischer responds:
>>My point exactly. Paul is speaking to the redeemed of the church. The
>>man is God's representative to his family. It is the same as in any
>>military chain of command. Christ is the head of the church and the
>>Christian man is the head of his family. His wife serves as wise
>>counselor and woe to the man who does not listen.
>It's worth noting that the metaphorical use of "head", traditionally taken
>to mean "authority", may have had another connotation in colloquial Gk.,
>namely "source" (as in Eng. 'head of a river'). This would make sense of
>Paul's invoking the _sequence_ of creation in vv. 8-9. If this is true, the
>whole weight of "authority" (cf."chain of command") that this passage is
>often asked to bear may be inappropriate. Gordon Fee has a long discussion
>of this in his NICNT commentary on 1 Cor (Eerdmans, 1987).
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