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Steven Schimmrich (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 09:58:43 -0500

At 01:30 AM 3/15/98 CT, Jeff Witters wrote:
>I just made a disturbing connection today between a man slated to
>appear at our church this spring to speak on the general topic of
>creation and a man whose seemingly unsavory record (re: degrees)
>is archived at the site. He is the Dr. (?) Carl Baugh.
>Can anyone tell me where to look for other information about him,
>if he (and his claims) are indeed rejected by other creationists,

Carl Baugh is a complete fraud and a documented liar.

The most complete information about him has been put together by
Glen Kuban at where you
can read about Carl's claims regarding the Paluxy "mantracks", his
lies about having PhD degrees in various branches of science (his
story changes periodically), and how he is even criticized by some
young-earth creationists. Do a search on Baugh's name on AltaVista
( and on the Talk Origins archives
and lots of information will come up.

Privately, many young-earth creationists do disassociate themselves
from Baugh, but it's hard to find any who do so publicly (read Kuban's
essay to see how, sadly, criticism of Baugh was banished from a YEC web
site). The ICR has also backed of supported many of Baugh's claims
regarding Paluxy. Perhaps some YEC's on this list would like to speak
about Baugh?

>I just picked up one of his books today (Panorama of Creation, 1992)
>having the same innocuous title as his scheduled seminar at our
>church. I have had extensive written correspondence with the asst.
>pastor of the church concerning our opposing views on this general
>subject. If Carl Baugh is as fraudulent as he appears to be in his
>claims for credentials, then I will be compelled to speak to my friend
>the asst. pastor who scheduled Mr. Baugh to come to our church. This
>concern must be legitimate and urgent as anything less could be
>perceived as simply an attempt to keep the "truth" from being known.

Hammer your pastor on Baugh's completely fraudulent claims about
having PhD degrees as being unacceptable in a Christian. Contact,
or urge your pastor to contact, Carl Kerby at the Answers in Genesis
web site (he's a YEC) about Baugh.

>I cannot stand by while laypersons poorly equipped to evalute (pseudo?)
>scientific claims are simply deceived; however, I do not wish to
>further vilify a man who has perhaps been the unfortunate target of
>malicious, one-sided reporting.

As I said before and, as a Christian, I don't say this lightly - Carl
Baugh is a fraud. I've researched YEC claims for years and Baugh, along
with some others like Ron Wyatt, are on the level of P.T. Barnum and do
great harm, not only to the credibility of Christianity, but also to the
credibility of YEC (since many of their claims appear to be completely

- Steve.

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