Carl Baugh

Sun, 15 Mar 98 01:30:23 CT

I just made a disturbing connection today between a man slated to
appear at our church this spring to speak on the general topic of
creation and a man whose seemingly unsavory record (re: degrees)
is archived at the site. He is the Dr. (?) Carl Baugh.
Can anyone tell me where to look for other information about him,
if he (and his claims) are indeed rejected by other creationists,

I just picked up one of his books today (Panorama of Creation, 1992)
having the same innocuous title as his scheduled seminar at our
church. I have had extensive written correspondence with the asst.
pastor of the church concerning our opposing views on this general
subject. If Carl Baugh is as fraudulent as he appears to be in his
claims for credentials, then I will be compelled to speak to my friend
the asst. pastor who scheduled Mr. Baugh to come to our church. This
concern must be legitimate and urgent as anything less could be
perceived as simply an attempt to keep the "truth" from being known.

I cannot stand by while laypersons poorly equipped to evalute (pseudo?)
scientific claims are simply deceived; however, I do not wish to
further vilify a man who has perhaps been the unfortunate target of
malicious, one-sided reporting.

Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Witters
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS