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I have only just returned to the list after months off, so forgive me if
this has already been pointed out on this thread...

>John Neal wrote:

>Now, here's the information: Paul says in 1Cor 11:6-9 - "For if the woman
>be not covered, let her be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn
>or shaven, let her (and, not him) be covered. For a man (a man, and not a
>woman) indeed ought not to cover his (his, and not her) head, forasmuch as he
>(he and not she) is the image and glory of God ...

>Dick Fischer responds:
>My point exactly. Paul is speaking to the redeemed of the church. The
>man is God's representative to his family. It is the same as in any
>military chain of command. Christ is the head of the church and the
>Christian man is the head of his family. His wife serves as wise
>counselor and woe to the man who does not listen.

It's worth noting that the metaphorical use of "head", traditionally taken
to mean "authority", may have had another connotation in colloquial Gk.,
namely "source" (as in Eng. 'head of a river'). This would make sense of
Paul's invoking the _sequence_ of creation in vv. 8-9. If this is true, the
whole weight of "authority" (cf."chain of command") that this passage is
often asked to bear may be inappropriate. Gordon Fee has a long discussion
of this in his NICNT commentary on 1 Cor (Eerdmans, 1987).

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