Re: More on the Image of God

John W Burgeson (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 09:26:05 -0700

John Neal wrote, referring to George Murphy:

"You're nasty, and you're also wrong. You may manipulate what is the
plain truth for
your own self aggrandizement, but God knows your heart."

George -- there are some folks it is probably not worth responding to.
John Neal may be one of these folks.

John, in several years of discussions with Goerge on these LISTSERVs, I
have NEVER perceived him to be "nasty" in any way. Perhaps wrong
sometimes < G >, but never nasty.

I've been following your interchange with George; I happen in this case
to agree with his position. But even if I agreed with your position, it
is obvious he is making a reasoned (and reasonable) response to your

The essence of this LISTSERV is that people may disagree on matters of
interest (as George and I do on some) and yet remain both civil and
friends. I think that's pretty important. Do you?


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