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Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 10:11:01 -0500


I will only comment on the second sentence in the following paragraph:

"He used some of the usual arguments which have been discussed
here and
> elsewhere in great detail, such as the expectation of hundreds of feet
> of
> dust on the moon. And he subscribes to an age of the earth
> conspiracy: the
> vast majority of dating techniques reveal the earth to be young, but
> such
> data is hidden or squelched."
Two comments:

It would be very helpful if Prof. Brown had given references for
the results of dating techniques that give evidence of a young earth.
Who "hides" these data? Who squelches the data?

A few weeks ago, I posted a very brief description of the Oklo
phenomenon in the hope that young earth supporters would comment on
this. I have not seen any comments from any of them other than a curt
"interesting" or words to that effect.

I will send you the Oklo description separately so as not to add
unnecessarily to the bulk of the ASA file.


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