Re: Social problems and evolution

George Murphy (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 17:31:53 -0500

Russell Maatman wrote:
> To the ASA group:
> Several times in our discussion I sensed disagreement with one image idea I
> referred to repeatedly. I summarized this position in a message dated
> 3/3/98 5:21:22 PM:
> <If Christ restores the broken image (Paul) and, also according to Paul,
> Christ restores what Adam broke, then what happens to the theory that there
> were pre-Adamic image bearers?>

Russ - It will be no surprise that I disagree with you on some aspects
of this issue, but I think you are correct in opposing pre-Adamite
ideas. _adham_ is the human, so pre-adamite humans means pre-human
humans, which makes no sense. The human race is a unity. There are
serious theological issues which need to be dealt with here: What (if
any) references to the sin of Adam have to do with an historical origin
of Sin & which are existential statements about the sin of all humans?
Do statements of the first type have to be understood of one human
individual or can they refer to a wider group of "first humans"? There
will be debate among Christians about those issues, but I don't think
adequate resolution will be attained by positing pre-Adamites. That
merely provides some way of thinking of historical events which _might_
correspond with Gen.1-3, & doesn't really get at the deeper theological