Re: ImageoDei/Relationships (was Soc. prob & evol)

Russell Maatman (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 16:59:56 -0600

George wrote on Friday, March 06, 1998 6:34 AM


> As you may be able to tell from my varied comments on this, I'm
> still thinking through the matter. This is part of developing an
> adequate theological anthropology that takes evolution seriously, a task
> I wish I had more time to devote to.

My own reason for writing the "Social Problems" article was that I wanted
to think through (to use a few of your words) "an adequate theological
anthropology that" rests on the _de novo_ appearance of human beings in the
Bible. I'd felt that too much of the anti-human evolution thinking
(including, I fear, my own thinking on the matter) did not rest on the
central message of the Bible. And, as I have indicated several times in
the last few weeks, it seems that some other questions ought to be
approached in a similar way. So I'm interested tho learn that you, too, are
in the "thinking through" mode concerning this question.

I'm sure you'll not accuse me of getting closer to your position! Anyway,

In the Lord,


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