Re: Provine Ridicules TE's

William B. Provine (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 13:48:03 +0000

Hi folks,

I am off on a trip and won't be back until Tuesday, March 10.
It is true that I disagree intellectually with theistic evolutionists.
But in no way ever do I denigrate you.

Instead, I think that
folks do have intellectual differences, but must work together to
make the best possible society. I work a lot with Intervarsity
Christion Fellowship concerning the criminal justice system.
Since I don't believe in free will, I see no justification for
the terrible denigration of prisoners we see in this country
and elsewhere. Instead, I conclude the prisoners were poorly
programmed. Our job is forgiveness, love and rehabilitation,
and free anyone reaching rehab. Some of course would never
get there.

The Christian view I think is forgiveness and rehabilitation
of everyone who has done bad things. So the Intervarsity
Christian Fellowship and I have that any many other things
in common. I know only a tiny proportion of folks will ever
believe in the absence of free will. So we have to pursue the
same goals from different assumptions.

I will answer your emails when I get back. In general,
I think it is better to express one's views clearly and directly
rather than beating around the bush. I never mind having
folks disagree with me. That is invigorating. But please,
there is no need ever to think I "hate" TEs or anyone else.
I believe in working for a better society together.

Best wishes to you all, Will Provine