Re: Provine Ridicules TE's

George Murphy (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 12:12:13 -0500

E G M wrote:
> > I have never understood why opponents of evolutionists consider
> > people like Provine to be theological experts when they criticize
> > theistic evolution for being theistic.
> >
> > George L. Murphy
> I have never understood why people like Provine thinks of himself more
> than he should, perhaps because he can't simply help it due to faulty
> evolutionary programming.
> BTW, I hope "opponents of evolutionisits" was not meant for me, for
> just bringing the matter to your attention. The fact remains
> unchanged: atheistic evolutionists repulse TE's and IDT's identically

Unfortunately it is fairly standard practice among those who
_are_ opponents of evolution to point out this sort of thing as if it
constituted a real argument. & while it's of interest to keep up to
date on what prominent people are saying, it really isn't any news that
Provine is an atheist - which is all the item really amounts to.

George L. Murphy