Re: Social problems and evolution

Russell Maatman (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:00:21 -0600

(I continue to receive "no delivery" notices from the listserv postmaster.
I think it involves only one person, not the group. since several people
have quoted parts of those messages.)

To the group:

Concerning racism and belief in human evolution: First, I've claimed that
racism seems to be one of the bricks Darwin used to build his theory
concerning human beings; racism was in his culture. Second, that same
culture seems to have been at least partially responsible for American
racism. Third, there are a few evidences that American racists have used
human evolutionary theory to bolster their position.

And so, it's a back-and-forth situation. Or if you will, feedback, where
racism encourages belief in human evolution and belief in human evolution
encourages racism.

I know those are explosive ideas. But I have presented them to show how
urgent it is that we adopt a biblical understanding of the unity of

In doing so, I've paid considerable attention to the concept of the image
of God. I just read Keith Miller's communication in the "Ape Talk" thread
on the image concept, and I think there is much good in what he says, even
though I've disagreed with Keith on other matters in the past. Maybe there
is a way for us to come together!


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