Re: specism, etc...

Scott A. Oakman (
Sun, 1 Mar 98 17:23:29 -0600

Russell Maatman wrote:
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> > >In my original article, posted in five parts (A to E), I was using the
> > >complaints about species-ism as only one example of what can arise when
> > >one accepts human descent from animals. Other bad things can flow from
> > >assuming human evolution.

As one who has been active in pro-research activities in opposition to animal
rights assertions at my institution, I've often noted to my colleagues that
either viewpoint can be derived from either opening assumption: That is, the
radical animal-rightist can pull from Darwinism ("The animals and us are
fundamentally the same, so it is a crime to experiment...") or Christianity
("God entrusted us with the stewardship of creation and animal experimentation
is poor stewardship") if they are so inclined. (Mind you, I've NEVER heard the
latter argument!) Likewise, animal experimentation can be justified from either
starting point: Lordship over creation, or Evolved human beings fulfilling
their ecological niche by consuming other species as a means for advancement.

As has been pointed out with respect to racism, one's position on creation vs.
evolution is not a necessary antecedent of ones attitude toward other life
forms, nor toward other human beings.

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